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Question: peach

I wanted to know how to prevent the fruits of my peach ripen twins, although I proceed with inherent treatments

Answer: peach

Dear Vittoria,
the production of twin fruits is often associated with particular, very early varieties, which almost all specimens often produce large percentages of twin fruits; some studies conducted in recent years have shown that this predisposition is increased by very high temperatures in spring, which would favor the appearance of twin fruits; these temperatures must be above 30 ° C, and for a fairly long period of time, while rare episodes of high temperatures may not give rise to this event. As for your plants, if it is a variety with a high propensity to produce twin fruits (which is found above all in early ripening varieties) you cannot intervene in any way, because whatever you do, you will only diminish them the amount of twin fruits produced.
If instead it is only due to a climate issue, you can try to provide your plants with a shading net, to be placed in the spring, during the hottest hours of the day. Hoping that this expedient is decisive. If instead, even with shading, you will find a lot of fruits still twinned, then it is the case to replace the plants, or to keep the twin fruits. Unfortunately the production of twin fruits is an ever-present risk when peaches and cherries are grown; the twin fruits are a problem, however predominantly aesthetic, and therefore if they are fruits to be used for family consumption, they have only one particular aspect; the problem becomes serious and serious if the fruits have to go on the market, because they are visually unattractive.