Furniture with a "surprise". Reasons for the appearance of bed bugs: how to identify them in time

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The reasons for the appearance of bedbugs, especially bed bugs, in a person's dwelling does not at all depend on the cleanliness of the owners. These parasitic insects unexpectedly invade a person's home and poison the lives of its inhabitants.

The main condition for the dispersal and reproduction of parasites is the presence of animals and humans, because these individuals feed exclusively on the blood of mammals.

Consider where do furniture bugs come from? Where do they live, how do they appear in the apartment and how to identify them?

Reasons for the appearance of bed bugs

Why do they appear? Bed bugs suddenly start up in a person's dwelling and begin to attack him dynamically. Where do bed bugs come from in an apartment?

  • In apartment buildings theymigrate from neighbors through vents and through slots... A particular risk of infection arises if neighbors disinfect parasites, in which case the surviving individuals are simply forced to look for another place to live.
  • The person himself can bring "uninvited guests" to his home on your clothes, especially if he has been in a room infected with parasites.
  • Can get into the house from the street through open windows and a balcony doortraveling on poplar fluff or tree leaves.
  • Parasites can catch on the animal's fur while walking.
  • There is a chance to bring blood-sucking parasites with purchased furniture, especially if it was acquired through an ad, or you got it from relatives and friends. Most often, bugs are transferred this way.

Thus, insects settle in a person's apartment for factors beyond his control. Most often, these individuals settle in furniture, and there are a number of signs by which one can detect their presence.

We found out what causes bed bugs in the apartment, now we will tell you how to find them?

Signs of furniture contamination

It is possible to identify the presence of blood-sucking insects in furniture in the following ways:

Thoroughly inspect the furniture, pay special attention to the seams of the mattresses, the joints between the back and the seat of the sofa. Signs of presence can also be detected on the back of the bed and sofa and on the bottom furniture.

Insects leave their waste products (excrement), which look like many black small dots, at first glance they may resemble mold, and the larvae are small elongated transparent white granules, similar to rice grains in miniature.

Each week, adults are moulted and shed a light brown transparent chitinous cover that looks like the corpse of an insect. You can see the individuals themselves - these are insects, up to 4 mm in size, from light brown to dark brown (adults) in color, with 6 legs and small antennae.

From a distance, they resemble moving apple seeds. In addition, parasitic insects can settle in sofa cushions with removable covers.

Indicates the presence of parasites in the apartment specific sweetish smellthat are secreted by the insects themselves. Usually residents get used to it, but you can feel it when you enter the house from the street. The higher the pest infestation, the more perceptible their aroma becomes.

The bed linen may have small brown spotsthat appear when a person accidentally crushes bedbugs in a dream.

If, when inspecting new furniture, you find the above signs, then you should immediately get rid of it, in order to avoid the settlement of bloodsuckers throughout the house.

A photo

To make it easier for you to identify the "guests", here are some photos:

Summarize. There are many ways insects can enter your home. Therefore, it is important not to know from what bed bugs appear in the apartment, but to identify them in a timely manner.

If you have identified these parasites in your home, then you should immediately begin to fight them. There are many remedies for bedbugs to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Here is a list of proven and effective drugs:

  • aerosols and sprays: Tetrix, Tsifox, Forsyth, Fufanon, Raid, Raptor, Kombat, Executioner;
  • powders and dusts: Clean House, Karbofos;
  • chalk Mashenka;
  • alternatively, folk remedies, for example, vinegar;
  • if you yourself cannot cope, then it is better to turn to professionals.

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