Ornamental cabbage is an exotic and vibrant element in your garden

Ornamental cabbage is an exotic and vibrant element in your garden

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At the time when everything starts to fade, ornamental cabbage will delight you with its bright colors.

Ornamental cabbage is a collard that has several shapes. In the second year of its growth, it begins to bloom, and fruits appear.

This cabbage acquires an interesting look due to the color and shape of its leaves. The edges of the leaves are slightly curly, which gives the plant splendor and exoticism.

As for color, cabbage has a variety of colors, for example, it can be purple, cream, green with white stripes, spotted, etc.

But in order for this beauty to grow in the garden, you need to make a lot of effort. How to properly grow ornamental cabbage? What are the basic rules and tips?

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Growing ornamental cabbage

This plant loves light, but it can grow in partial shade, in this case the ornamental cabbage will be smaller, the color will not be so bright. But keep out of direct sunlight. Also, cabbage loves moisture.

For planting, it is best to use well-drained soil that is rich in humus.

Cabbage is propagated by seed through seedlings. They should be sown in mid-spring in small pots. The seed should be placed two at a time in one pot. Be sure to spray the soil with a fungicide so that the sowing does not disappear.

Ornamental cabbage should be planted in open ground after about a month or one and a half. The soil for planting must be very moist and loose.

Some gardeners plant cabbage in their garden, while others, who appreciate the decorativeness of such cabbage, plant it in a flower bed. But you can also grow it in the garden, and when it reaches its apogee in flowering, then you can transplant it into the main flower bed. The cabbage transplants well, but do not do it more than three times.

Also, cabbage grows well in large pots and flowerpots. About three plants can live in one container.

Ornamental cabbage will delight you until winter, so do not rush to leave the country.

And if you bring it into the room in a pot, then it can stand like this throughout the winter.

Cabbage can survive in winter under the snow, continuing to delight you with its colors.

In care, this plant is quite unpretentious. Cabbage needs to be watered often and abundantly; it loves water very much. Therefore, in dry weather, water the ornamental cabbage every day.

Also, don't forget to fertilize the cabbage. For this, both organic and mineral fertilizers are suitable.

There are no particularly strict rules here, the main thing is that fertilization occurs systematically. But do not use manure, as the leaves may turn yellow.

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The most famous varieties of ornamental cabbage

Mosbakhskaya cabbage has a stem, the length of which is about 20 - 60 cm. The stem itself is not branched. The plant can reach 80 cm in diameter. The leaves have a lyre-like shape, their color is light green. The plant itself is dome-shaped, which makes the plant look very exotic.

Lark tongue - in this ornamental cabbage, the stem can reach a height of 130 cm. The leaves sit on long petioles, the length of which is 15-20 cm. The leaves are green in color, but with different shades. This plant is palm-shaped.

Red curly high - this cabbage is very similar to the previous one, but its leaves are purple in color, sometimes with a black tint or blue.

Red curly low - the height of the stem of this ornamental cabbage usually does not exceed 60 cm. The leaves are elongated and elliptical. Its leaves are very spreading. The diameter of this cabbage can be more than one meter. Therefore, only one such plant can fit in a flower bed.

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